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Monday, July 8, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things...

As a runner and a running specialty store employee, I often find myself or others asking me "what's the best of the best?" Well, this post is intended to answer that question! The list will be pretty small at first, but it will definitely grow the longer I run .


  • Spandex shorts - Under Armour 7" Compression Shorts . When I get the infamous chub rub and it's so bad Body Glide won't work, I wear these suckers and they work wonders!
  • Spandex Crops - lululemon's run: inspire crop ii . These are the BEST crops you will EVER WEAR! SO comfy - they have flat seams so they don't chafe, awesome reflectivity, and a cool pocket in the back for key/credit card/cash. The one big thing for me that was the major WOW factor was that they don't fall down (which is exactly the problem that I've been having with my Under Armour Crops). They don't ride up either! Perfect sizing. I have them in the "we are from space" plum color and ahhhh I love them so much! Go buy a pair! 
  • Long run shorts - Brooks Versatile 5" Woven Short. These shorts don't ride up and they give you plenty of breeze on long runs - anything 6 miles or longer. You can wear them for shorter runs too !
  • Socks
  • Underwear
    • Patagonia's Active Hipster . Wedgie free, most comfy and dry wicking undies I've owned! 
    • lululemon's mula bandhawear bikini . These things stay put! Yes, they are $18, but they are really really comfy. I bought them on a whim and am very pleased with them (Patagonia's are still my favorite ; ) ).
  • Sports Bra - Armour Bra - easiest bra to get on & off and most dry wicking, non-chafing & supportive that I've tried.  I've tried Moving Comfort bras, but had problems with chafing....I swear by Under Armour!
  • My favorite hat - North Face Better Than Naked Hat . This unisex hat is super lightweight and comfy. Unlike every other running hat I have in my closet, it has a unique adjustable strap on the back which makes it easy to adjust as you're running and also is more comfortable than that funky velcro closure most hats have.
  • My favorite shirt - lululemon's run: swiftly tech v neck . I bought this shirt because a manager at a lululemon store I was interviewing at was wearing one and loved it! I've run in it 4 times and haven't had to wash it yet (the silverscent keeps the stink away). I like this shirt better than any other shirt I've had! 

Injury Prevention / Treatment

  • Hydration on the run? Fuel Belt - by far most comfy hydration belt I've tried and easy to grab the bottles from while you're running!
  • Losing Toenails? Pro-Tech Toe Caps - While training for my first marathon, I found my toes getting blistered. No matter what size shoe or what type of sock I was wearing, I kept getting blisters and I was worried about my toenails falling off, so I picked these up! You just slip one over your "toe of concern", slip on your socks, and away you go! I swear by them (Charm City Run and REI sell them)
  • Got dat plantar faciitis? Feetures Plantar Faciitis Sleeve - When I had Plantar Faciitis so bad I could barely walk, I slipped this sock on and I felt immediate relief . I haven't run in it, but I do wear it on a regular basis, and even with flip flops when I want to take a ride on the wild side
  • Chafing? Try Body Glide . I saw track girls using this in high school and grabbed a stick for myself and use it for every run in the summer. I just did a 10K last week with it on and had no chafing - even after running through sprinklers! Just an FYI - there really is no difference between the ladies version of Body Glide except it's more expensive and you get less. If Body Glide doesn't work for you, try Under Armour 7" Compression Shorts . When I get the infamous chub rub and it's so bad Body Glide won't work, I wear these suckers and they work wonders!
  • Clif Shot Bloks - I've tried Gus, bars, you name it. Shot Bloks are the only thing that sit with my tummy well, regardless of what I've eaten. Favorite flavors : CranRazz, Strawberry, Tropical Punch, Mountain Berry, and for my long runs in the summer the Margarita one is great (3x the sodium).

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