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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 2: Birmingham, New Orleans, and Houston

I left Nashville bright and early and was in Alabama within an hour. I stopped by Birmingham to see the house my dad was born in. Here it is:

Then I stopped by a coffee shop named "Octane" where I got the best cup of coffee I have ever had-- they even roast their coffee right there in the store! Then I left and headed west. As you probably remember, I wasn't 100% if I was going to go through Little Rock or New Orleans on my way to Houston when I first left my house.... But I wound up deciding to go to NOLA.
As I drove through Alabama & Mississippi I passed a Mercedes Benz plant, gas for $3.29, and lots of trucks! I even got gas at a gas station that sells crickets...
During the drive yesterday I realized how thankful I am I have the endurance of a bus driver and a marathoner. I was driving for close to 14 hours yesterday and wasn't even that tired once I got to Houston. Of course eating healthy, staying hydrated, and talking to people makes the difference!
I was in New Orleans for MAYBE 30 minutes and was able to have gumbo & beignets(sp?).

Once I left NOLA I hit torrential downpours & traffic jams. I didn't stop between NOLA and Houston. As soon as I crossed over into Texas it was very flat! (Cue the song "Wide Open Spaces" by the Dixie Chicks).

I think when I got to Kentucky & Tennessee I realized how far I was from home based on the license plates I saw. I'm in Houston now and have seen 3 Maryland license plates (only counting once I left West Virginia). It's also interesting to see how each state has similar cities.... Like Roanoke, LA... Roanoke, VA, and Roanoke, NC. There was also an exit for Clarksville, TN and I thought I was back home! Iowa, LA was probably the worst--- was I in Iowa or Louisiana? It can get very confusing if you've been driving all day! Way to go for originality, states.
I spent the night in Houston last night-- reminds me of a mixture of Phoenix & Cleveland. Heading south today--- then will head west tomorrow!
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