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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 6: Zion, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas

Waking up in 100 degree weather outside is quite a contrast from what I've had this entire trip. I spent the night in Mesquite, NV because of a flop with the hotel situation (was originally planning on staying in St. George, UT). My room was another steal off of Priceline.com; I wound up staying in the Eureka Casino & Resort! Breakfast was in the Casino itself.

Once I got on the road, I headed to Zion National Park. There were some beautiful views and lots and lots of people, so I just drove through taking pictures at the pull offs along the road. They do have a really long tunnel through the side of a mountain(not sure what to actually call it?).

After Zion, I made the journey to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The park at the Grand Canyon and area around it smells amazing-- it's not an overwhelming piney smell like I smell back at home, it was almost junipery and was lightly scenting the air. Too bad I couldn't bottle that up and keep it in my car with me forever! Yankee Candles will just be too strong.

At the Grand Canyon, there appeared to be a great viewing spot so I walked down the rocks to it and had someone take my picture. When I walked back up to the visitor center, I was so out of breath!

I learned that in 2004 there was a Boston Marathoner who attempted to hike the Grand Canyon and wound up dying. That's pretty scary, considering when you think of how in shape the average marathoner is. I was talking with a Park Ranger there and he showed me the South Rim and told me about how crazy people are for running it--- someone has done the "Rim to Rim" challenge in like 3 hours! One of my coworkers back at Charm City Run actually did the Rim to Rim challenge and I know it took her way longer than 3 hours, and she is a triathlete! I have 0 desire to ever do the Rim to Rim, so you don't have to worry about me there!

After spending a little time at the Grand Canyon, I headed to Vegas! What a beautiful drive! 8 saw lightning storms up ahead on the road and actually got some good videos. I swear, as soon as I passed into Vegas the torrential downpours began (I haven't had significant rain in almost 2 days of driving) . Once I exited Rt 15, I found roads flooded throughout Vegas, so I just decided to head to my hotel and check out my room and then go from there.

I stayed in the Las Vegas Casino & Resort; used to be the Las Vegas Hilton. My only complaint was that the AC wasn't on in my room when I got to it and it also never really cooled down once I turned it on.

I parked at the Bellagio downtown (for free!) and then went to Caesar's Palace (which part of was flooded) and also the Bellagio. I met some cool guys from the UK which are actually from the same town as my cousins- how cool! After having a drink and gambling $12, I decided to walk around the resort and then head back to my hotel room.

It was really cool to see what everyone has always made such a big deal about here in Vegas, but I think Atlantic City is a little better (having been in one casino there). Don't tell the Vegas gods that though...

Anyways, that's all for now. I'm heading up the coast to San Francisco today, to my new home.

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