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Sunday, June 1, 2014

2 weeks.

In two short weeks, I will begin on a new adventure as an Inside Sales Rep for Zillow! Words cannot begin to describe how thrilled I am to start on this new journey. When I found out I was accepted for the position, it was one of those “if-the-tree-falls-in –the-forest-alone-does-anyone-hear-it-fall”….I was laying in my bed, just having awoken from a nap on a rainy morning and I had a missed call from a Seattle area number. I called them back and they offered me the job – I yelped with excitement…. but then realized I was the only person in my apartment. Although I may have been all alone, I knew there were so many people that were cheering for me out there in the world – my family back in Maryland and my friends all over. I did it. I got that big kid job that I’ve always wanted!

Since I accepted the job offer, I’ve reflected a lot on the past 18 months; since I graduated from college. I would never have guessed as a freshman in college (who had their heart set on being a cardiothoracic surgeon at the time), that I would be working at a running store after graduation, or moving to San Francisco, or moving to Seattle. I always imagined myself living close to home and being around my family all the time. Well, my “story” changed, and I am 100% a-okay with that.

The first 6 months after graduation were mediocre. I lived at home and had a fun job at a local running store. Month 6 is when it started to get tough; student loans kicked in and I was moving out to San Francisco with a 4 day notice. Months 6-11 were probably the most frustrating. I had moved cross country to work for a startup where I was promised one thing, and reality was completely different. It sucked. So I moved home and fell back into the life I was living before I moved to SF; something I was more comfortable with. I returned to working at the running store and picked up a job at Lululemon Athletica, which has been one of the most inspiring experiences I’ve had in my life. I have worked with and met some incredible people. The team that I worked with back in Maryland was that loving and caring group that I needed when I had just moved back home from San Francisco. My interview with them was literally the day after I got home from my cross country drive, and emotions were running high. Through my vision and goal setting, I was able to make moves and venture out to Seattle, in hopes of pursuing my long-term goal of working for Lululemon or Patagonia in their Corporate Social Responsibility department.

The team out here in Seattle has been unbelievable; they are some of my best friends. They have made me feel at home when I thought I wasn’t going to make it. When I had $1.50 to my name until my next paycheck, they were the ones that bought me a cup of coffee. When my grandfather passed away, they were the shoulder I cried on. They have taught me to be okay with feedback, and how to grow from it (good or bad J). I have never worked for a company where management has been so onboard with your hopes, dreams, and aspirations that they are literally cheering you on every step of the way. As my time comes to an end at Lululemon, I am so SO incredibly thankful for the experiences and growth that I have had since I began. I have had so much personal growth since I first started, but just as I got comfortable back home, it’s my time to move on.

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