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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Annapolis 10 Miler, 2012

At the start...during the downpour
Second race of the year in Annapolis - can't complain! The course was very similar to that of the Zooma Half I did two months ago, but a wee bit shorter. Apparently the city of Annapolis isn't too thrilled that there are so many foot races in their city, so they are trying to shut down races over time. Hopefully the Annapolis 10 Miler is here to stay!

I don't think any of us were really 100% positive that this race would happen because of the thunderstorms in the area. I remember driving from College Park to Annapolis in a complete downpour. I had two Luna bars for breakfast (halfway into the race I wish I had eaten more!) . As soon as the race started, it started raining cats and dogs! It rained backwards, sideways, the wind was blowing....yeah I'm pretty sure I should have had my bathing suit on! It was POURING!! Once it finally stopped raining, the sun & heat came out full force ...which sounds nice, but it was awful because when you're soaking wet, that's the last thing you want. Oh well, other than the rain, I enjoyed the race.

Place:             Bib number:                    Time: 
1662/3863 5246 1:32:15

Overall rating? B
Main complaints? The rain
Favorite parts?  Nice course through a historic town
Communication before the race? A
Expo? Small race packet pickup, so no expo
Premium? For those of us that were signed up to run the race last year (and it was rained out), they gave us a hat. I think we got a shirt too
Water Stops/Aid Stations? A .
Finisher's Medal? N/A
Finisher's Festival? 
Would I run this race again/recommend it to anyone? Yup. Has some hills but isn't bad


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