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Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 5: Four Corners & Bryce Canyon

After leaving Albuquerque, I drove to Four Corners (It was about a 4 hour drive). Today was the first day that I had "No Service" for the majority of the day. It was actually pretty nice to be unplugged, but it's a pain when you're relying on the Waze App on your phone for directions! Since I had already plugged in the address for Four Corners before I lost service, I was okay, but when I left Four Corners and was trying to head to Bryce Canyon, I had to pull out the map (thanks Mom!) and stop by the Post Office to ask which way to go.

Driving through the desert is pretty exhausting -- I kept asking "am I ever going to get there?!" but then take a second, look around, and take in the views. There was also roadwork in the desert - don't feel bad for those guys. It's pretty amazing what is out here in the west. I passed through "Navajo Nation", saw some tee-pees, and saw more shacks (very similar to that of southern Texas). After hearing all of the shenanigans going on with the government these days, I realized that those that live in these camps out in the middle of nowhere probably have no idea what is going on in Washington, or any care in the world. Their greatest worries are probably how they are going to find food in the middle of wilderness, not how they can pay less taxes. How does the Census Bureau even do a count for the census?

I drove by Glen Canyon and saw moose on the way to Bryce Canyon. It took me much longer than I had anticipated to get to Bryce, so I was only able to spend ~30 minutes there, but the views were amazing! I made the mistake of reserving my hotel on priceline.com without paying attention to which city I would be staying in. I had originally planned on spending the night in St. George, UT  -- but the hotel I booked was in Mesquite, NV (about 20 miles from St. George). It took me ~3 hours to get to the hotel from Bryce , but boy was it worth it! I stayed at the Eureka Resort & Casino.

Utah has the prettiest license plates by the way!

Me at Zion

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