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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Baltimore 10 Miler, 2012

Place: 1795/4687Bib:  3442

I've heard lots of wonderful things about the Baltimore 10 miler, but I've never run it! I've done the Baltimore Half Marathon a few times, but I've never ventured to the "wild side" for the hilly 10-miler.

Signed up online, did packet pickup the day before the race and then the day of the race I was all set. I met up with my good friend Katie Audy and we ran part of the race together. It was quite hilly - much more so than the half marathon. It does follow some of the same course as the Dreaded Druid Hills 10k. It was also hot as HADES this day, so I was definitely struggling. The premium was pretty nice - since the race I've worn it a lot (it was a white quarter zip). Definitely would recommend it for others to do!

Overall rating? A
Main complaints? The heat 
Favorite parts? The premium!
Communication before the race? A. Same group that puts on the Baltimore Running Festival on puts this on 
Expo? None. Packet pickup was kind of randomly at Druid Hill Park (even though that's where the race was)
Premium? B. A white, generic long-sleeved quarter zip with the Baltimore 10 logo on it.
Water Stops/Aid Stations? A . Definitely frequent enough and well stocked! Friendly folks
Finisher's Medal? N/A
Finisher's Festival? B. Tons of watermelon and snacks, but I was kind of disappointed that other fellow runners were walking off with boxes of treats....leave some for the rest of us, would ya?
Would I run this race again/recommend it to anyone? Sure

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Zooma Annapolis 2012

When most runners hear about a new race in town, they want to give it a try, right? At least I do! I did make the mistake with the Hot Chocolate 15k last year, but this year I was willing to give a "new race" a try! That's why I signed up for the Zooma Annapolis Half Marathon.

Jenna & I
Placed: 365/1220 Bib 7656 Time: 2:03:20
I did this race with my good friend Jenna. We missed the start because we were in line for the potties - but have no fear - we had timing chips in our bibs (or maybe on our shoes,  I can't remember) so our clock started when we crossed the starting line. Water stops were pretty frequent and I know that I was glad have my fuel belt. From what I remember, the course did have a few hills in it, but it was almost identical to the Annapolis 10 miler course. My favorite part was probably the group that stood at the top of the bridge and cheered for us - really helped those uphills get smaller :)

Overall rating? A
Main complaints? Premium was an off-brand and the expo was in a small room in a hotel
Favorite parts? The premium!
Communication before the race? 
Expo? B. It was okay, kinda small . They did have lots of give-aways though
Premium? B. Off brand black tech tee (I'm wearing it in the above pics) I always am a fan of the Under Armour ones :)
Water Stops/Aid Stations? B
Finisher's Medal? C. We got a necklace. Not a Tiffany necklace..but a necklace. I know we were told beforehand we'd get a necklace, but I prefer to run for medals :)
Finisher's Festival? B. I'm pretty sure they had wine but it was so hot I just left. They did have lots of cold water though!
Would I run this race again/recommend it to anyone? Yup, but I'd recommend the Baltimore Half over this one (who wants to run long distances in the heat anyways?)


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