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Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 18, 21, 23: OBX

Running on the beach has always fascinated me--so much that I've never actually done it.......getting sand and ocean water in my new running shoes doesn't really appeal to me and running barefoot on hard sand? Completely out of the question!! Don't get me wrong, I HAVE tried to run on the sand, but I can never quite find  enough hard sand to run on so I always wind up in that soft sand that you can barely walk in......

When I got here (Buxton, NC), I told myself I was going to run and exercise every day of the week, and here I am, Friday night, and I must say I've done pretty good---I've run 3 times and ridden my bike 2 or 3 days out of the 7 days I've been here, so woooooohooo. On Sunday, I ran the loop I ran last summer just around the neighborhood and I thought it was close to 3 miles when I ran it last summer, but it turns out it was only about 2. It was SOO humid, too! Then Wednesday I ran past the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, down to where the beach access ramps are for cars/trucks are and back and that was close to a 6 mile run. I was really sluggish--having a cold definitely does not help you speed up your pace. Then today I ran down Buxton Back Road and along Hwy 12 -- about a 4 mile run. It was very humid today as well, but I got lucky! I missed the rain by just a few minutes. When I got back to the house, I put on my bathing suit and dodged the raindrops as I made a quick sprint for the ocean to cool off--best reward!

Bad news--this afternoon I was laying on the beach and I discovered that my headphones aren't working too well anymore so I'll have to get a new pair--man oh man, at this rate, I'll have to buy stock in headphones! I wish someone would invent ones that don't get damaged from running/sleeping/constant motion.

One week until Dreaded Druid Hills and the Baltimore Women's Classic!!!!

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