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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 2: bleh and freeze pops

Yesterday I felt really nauseous after my run...even through the night....and was just hoping that it would go away. Which it did, but then mid afternoon today I started to feel sick again. I hope it's not me getting nervous for my runs? Which it could be. Who am I trying to impress though? NO ONE. We had a torrential downpour with an accompanying thunderstorm this afternoon, and for a second I thought I was in monsoon land so I didn't go out for my run until after the sky cleared.

It's weird that I went on my run and couldn't even run the whole thing because I was so angry. I'm not sure why I was upset, I just was frustrated. I think it's time for some Bikram Yoga to ease my nerves. Today I ran a little over 4 miles (was only planning on running 3). I ran up to Rt. 99, back down to Rt. 40, and then up a little trail through the woods and around Chapelgate and back home.

Right before I left school, my dear friend Alex gave me a package of freeze pops and let me tell you, they are the BEST treat after a run. That basically is my motivation to run. Today I had a green one--tasty!


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