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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Day 3: Sioux Falls to Billings, MT

Am I there yet? Some people are extremely annoying and tick me off.

Today was a mostly bitter day but was sweet when I saw Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse! I did pass over the "Crazy Woman River" and was wondering if they named it after me? Ha!

I woke up and went to a DELICIOUS bagel shop in Sioux Falls. I then realized that Iowa was only a stone's throw away, so I did some off-roading and got there!

I then began the long drive to Mt. Rushmore.

I don't journal or write my thoughts and reflections down, except for when I'm blogging and I write it on my blog. One of my good friends at work wrote in a reflection journal every day for a year. If I did that, I couldn't imagine going back and reading everything and seeing some of the crazy thoughts I had! So when I'm not blogging, I just keep everything in my head, and when something (or someone) irritates me, I'll bring it to my full attention to resolve it. On my 13+ hour drive today, here were some of my reflections...

1. Oh my god there are some utterly obnoxious people in this world. I feel like everything they do is just for the approval from others. Seriously? Grow up! I can tell you right now that your friendships will probably not last long if this is you. Just sayin. Also, we are all different and have our own individual and unique gifts and talents, so embrace it!
2. I need to do a better job of keeping toxic people out of my life.
3. Although some long time friends drift away, it's important to just let whatever is going to happen, happen. The worst thing someone can do is fight with themselves to get something to work (relationships), even if they know it probably won't work out. What a waste of time!
4. I'm very happy I'm blazing a new trail and moving to Seattle, even with all of the uncertainty that may come with it.
5. Okay this one is a biggie, I never thought I'd say this, but if I could live in the woods in a cabin with just my role models (so maybe 4 people total) and never interact with a human being another day of my life (except for them), I'm okay with that.
6. I want to marry a farmer or a country bumpkin.

The end.

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