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Thursday, November 21, 2013

My reaction to WSJ's "OK, You're a Runner. Get Over It"

"OK, You're a Runner. Get Over It" <-- No, how about YOU get over it??

On November 12, the Wall Street Journal published an opinion article by Chad Stafko titled "OK, You're a Runner. Get Over it" . I recommend you read it if you haven't.
Basically, Chad writes about runners and anger about them putting something as simple as a bumper sticker on their car indicating a race distance that they have completed (such as 13.1 or 26.2). Well Chad, I have BOTH on my car and display them with pride.

I'm not going to lie, when I was driving cross country I would look in my rearview mirror to see what people's reactions were when I drove past them. The majority of them would talk but who knows if they were talking about the fact that I was passing them or the fact that I had those bumper stickers on my car. I think that those stickers really unite the whole crazy running community.

As I was running today, multiple cars passed me with those stick figures on their back window displaying for the world to see how big (or small) their family is, and how many kids they have. In my opinion, if someone driving those cars is against runners having runner bumper stickers, why is it right for them to display their family? To me, the family bumper stickers are worse than the runner bumper stickers. What if a couple can't have kids but really wants to? Wouldn't driving by these stickers be a stab at their heart? I guess some people don't take it personally, but sheesh, people take the chill pill before you go getting mad at runners for displaying something their proud of! At least we don't walk around all year long wearing our half or full marathon medals!!

To close, here is the BEST response I have seen to the WSJ article: The WSJ's "Get Over It" Column, Translated

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