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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall Running

This evening I came to the conclusion that I absolutely despise out & back runs; unless they are tempo runs.
As I was running this evening, I realized how blessed I am to be able to have some time on the East Coast this fall. I have been working a lot and don't have my car, but I've been able to enjoy it through my alone time on my runs. I'm looking forward to my long run tomorrow with a friend - hopefully I can kick myself in the butt and do it. I tripped on my run tonight and got banged up pretty bad but hey, I got up and kept going. Can't wait for the Baltimore Half & NYC marathon.
I can't wait to bake - I wish I had someone to bake for! I want to make apple crisp and pumpkin cookies but when you're a 20 something entrepreneur it's hard to find the time to do it!
A new adventure is in store for me later this week - stay tuned!

Location:Hunters Run Dr,Cockeysville,United States

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