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Saturday, October 15, 2011

2011 Baltimore Half Marathon

Me before the 2011 Baltimore half - ready to  go!
Starting Line
This was my second time running the Baltimore Half Marathon and I loved it! I really don't remember much from it, except my friend Harley drove up with me to cheer me on, and I didn't have the fastest time (2:17). I did finish and enjoyed it just as much as the year before.
Finished 5021 out of 9150 runners
Bib # 30279
Age: 19
Time: 2:17:40
My friend Harley took this picture -- I'm  turning around waving :)

Overall rating? A
Main complaints? None
Favorite parts? I absolutely LOVE running through Baltimore, especially since I've lived in the area my whole life. The "merge mile" (mile 3 of the half when we joined with the marathoners) was pretty inspirational too . I LOVE LOVE LOVE the premium - an Under Armour t-shirt. Can't complain!
Communication before the race? A
Expo? A. Just the right amount of vendors. This year it was in the Baltimore Convention Center which was kind of a pain to find parking for, but there was more than enough room in the venue
Premium? A. Under Armour orange tech tee. 
Water Stops/Aid Stations? A . Definitely frequent enough and well stocked!
Finisher's Medal? A . Cute crab on it - loved it!
Finisher's Festival? B+. The only reason why it's not an A is because there is only one way out for all of the thousands of runners. It was pretty awesome to have men from Helping Up Mission there handing out water and food. THANK YOU!
Would I run this race again/recommend it to anyone? YES Defeinitely. I'll run it every year until the day I die

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